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“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice” (Anton Chekhov)

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recPLM is offered in a four steps following an iterative and agile approach: Pilot projects, tool configuration, training, and deployment

  • Audit

    How far are you from recPLM's core ideas?

    Our consultants will visit your company and through interviews, documents inspections, observations, … they will audit your current processes and practices and recommend argumented (value increase; risk reduced; time to market reduced; …) directions to take for improvement.

  • Pilot project

    your company's recPLM.

    recPLM is tuned to the company’s unique culture by applying its concepts to a representative pilot project. Tool landscape is analysed and their configuration is planned in this step so recPLM is supported in-house. Training and deployment plans are setup.

  • Tool configuration

    your way do to product development.

    Do you already have a PLM tool? Are you using a Requirements Management tool? Whatever is the tool landscape in your company, recPLM will be implemented in the existing tools or provided as a core tool where the single source of truth resides.

  • Training

    Sharing the same language and method.

    Based on the pilot project and using the configured tool, recPLM is taught to a large product development actors audience: top management, product managers, marketers, designers, engineers, testers, compliance specialists, maintainers, manufacturers, …. Each actor category, after being presented the overall recPLM methodology, is trained specifically at the level they are going to use recPLM.

  • Deployment

    recPLM live supporting your projects.

    Not all projects are the same. Some are improvement of existing products and others are true innovation. recPLM is applicable to both types of projects but not the same way.  Our consultants define on a project basis, how recPLM is going to be used based on the projects’ unique constraints and characteristics. Coaching and mentoring is provided to the product development actors at the required pace so knowledge transfer is efficient.




How far are you from recPLM’s core ideas?

Pilot project

your company’s recPLM.

Tool configuration

your way do to product development.


Sharing the same language and method.


recPLM live supporting your projects.

Let’s work together.


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